The Budgenista [Case Study]
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Live Richer Academy

The Challenge

Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche is an Amazon #1 bestselling author, and a sought-after speaker of financial empowerment. She started her Live Richer Academy in 2016 on Thinkific and even though she was very successful, she came to me wanting a complete site redesign and a better experience for her members. She wanted to make even a bigger impact on her members lives.

By this time, she had accumulated many courses across different categories and was also adding weekly content from her live weekly member calls she was having.

This live call was a key "reason to stay" because it had great content and also Tiffany was bringing in guest experts on a regular basis. This 1-2 punch of "live" and access to all of these experts made it one of my top priorities in creating her experience - right now it was getting buried in all of her courses and her members were not able to find anything very easily

“You KILLED our redesign. Our members love it. Thank you so much. ”Tiffany “The Budgetnista” Aliche

How We Helped Tiffany Create Impact

We knew that we had to first break up all of her course content into learning tracks - this helps keep users focused instead of being overwhelmed. It also allowed Tiffany to create "stages" of growth; which is another great retention strategy because it resonates with her members more easily and gives them a path to follow.

We then had to highlight her live calls and expert guests speakers. For many of her members this was the reason to stay a member. Normally they would not have access to these experts and since she has new talks every single week, this creates a bit of FOMO; which is another great retention strategy

Retention Focused Dashboard 

The dashboard is the first page a member sees every single time they log into the site. This is prime real estate to remind the members of why they joined in the first place and also why they should never leave. We created a way for Tiffany to feature "what's new" in an easy and captive way - making her site always seem "fresh" but at the same time not overwhelming them

Expert Spotlights

Having others contribute to your content is not only a great way for you to save time creating content for your members, but it also increases the value of your membership immensely. Your members feel like they are not only getting your expertise, but they are getting the other expert info without having to pay anything extra. We created ways for Tiffany to always spotlight her experts in an eye catching way so her members are always reminded of how valuable this is

Learning Tracks & Stages

A stage based membership is one of the best ways to create high retention. It provides clarity on what your members should focus on and also creates a path for them to follow. Usually it takes a while to get through all of these stages, so this also helps to keep your members around for a while. We created custom pages just for the learning tracks and also made it convenient with mega-menu access.


Right after your new member just made their purchase, the worst thing you want to do is throw them into your sea of content. That will create overwhelm and a reason to cancel instead of being happy with their purchase and being excited that they joined. So we created a personalized welcome page that included a video and some clear next steps for them to start with. This gives them a "quick" win with something easy for them to get started with


This was a really fun project and was blown away with how much of an impact Tiffany was making - she is definitely one of the top Thinkific site owners out there and am happy to be a part of it. It is very rewarding when the smallest things that we did, were welcomed with such gratitude. Working with Tiffany and her team was such a pleasure - it is no wonder he members love her and never want to leave.

Her incredible success goes to show how important it is to focus on the impact you are having on your members.