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Signature Experiences

For the online course creator or membership site owner who wants the maxmimum impact to their members and to their business.

Make Thinkific More Appealing

You already know that standing out make a huge difference in attracting and keeping an audience. Deepen the connection with your fans with an experience that better represents your brand and style

Make Thinkific Smarter

We can also change the way Thinkific works for you by changing the experience based on who is logging in. Make it personalized. Make it sell for you. Make it dynamic. Made it do things you never even knew were possible.

Sell More Courses

If you are selling individual courses, the member area of your Thinkific site is prime real estate for cross promoting your other courses; Without you even trying. Normally only the courses that are purchased are shown - but with a new dashboard you can show other products and services to the right person at the right time.

Keep Members Longer

For memberships, it is all about retention. Instead of overwhelming your members with pages and pages of course cards; we can create a new member experience that will keep them focused, engaged and more connected to you so they never even think about leaving. Learning tracks, on boarding pages, content segmentation - lot's of opportunities

Cross-Site Seamlessness

Established businesses need to maintain a seamless experience with their main website so their members don't not get confused or concerned about visiting their Thinkific site.

Save Time Spinning Your Wheels

You are already a master at your own domain - why do you want to spend time mastering another platform. We work 100% on Thinkific every single day and have worked with 100+ clients.

Are You A Fit

Who is this for?

We do not accept everyone that applies for this service, We want to make sure it is a good match for the both of us`

You are selling a membership

Customizing your Thinkific experience is a must for membership sites - if you want to experience high retention

You are selling multiple courses

You want to maximize your sales opportunities to existing members without even trying

You have a clear content plan

Your courses may not be fully completed, but you know what you are looking to create.

You are an established business

Big brands, enterprises, seven figure entrepreneurs - this service is perfect for you.

Not for single course site owners

You may want to consider joining the PowerUp Club instead

Not for someone unsure about what they are selling

Your money and time would be better off on refining your offers

Not for someone who is still deciding what they are creating

I can't really help you the way I want, if I do not know what is inside your member area

Not for someone just getting started

You may want to consider the PowerUp Club instead.


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