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Instantly Upgrade Your Thinkific Site So That It Grows Your Business For You

New themes and designs. New ways of using it to have a bigger impact on your members, deepen your connection with them and stand out from the crowd.

No More Waiting

You don't have to wait for Thinkific to release new themes and pages. Get all the tweaks you need - right now

No More Spinning Your Wheels

Spend less time trying to figure out what is best for your Thinkific site and more time on serving your tribe.

No More Same Old Same Old

Make a bigger impact on your members with an experience that stands out and is rememberable

No More Unhappy Members

Delight your members with an experience that they actually enjoy using instead of feeling overwhelemed

No More Refunds & Cancellations

Well we can't guarentee that. But we do know that if your members are happier with their experience, then they will stay longer

No More Being Amateurish

Leverage what my 7-figure clients are doing with Thinkific without paying an arm and a leg

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The PowerUp Club

Upgrade your site to an experience that creates instant impact with proven Thinkific enhancements, retention strategies and even personalized custom tweaks.

inside the PowerUp Club

Theme Vault

I have taken the best of my customizations that my 1-1 clients paid thousands for and dropped them into the Theme Vault. Membership Themes, Upgraded Checkout and PowerUp Pages to instantly upscale your member experience. New themes and pages added regularly.

Membership Pages


Sales & Launch Pages


Live PowerUp Sessions

Insider secrets revealed, funnel reviews, ideation creation, walkthroughs, sales page analysis, hot seats and ask me anything.

Inside the PowerUp Club

Monthly MPacks

Each month, members receive tips, strategies and quick action guides to add impact, increase engagement and retention.

Retention Strategies

Take quick action with retention strategies that the pro's use

Power Tweaks

Instantly drop the best of the best tweaks that will have an immediate impact

Platform Maximizers

Get the most our of Thinkific features with these powerful tips & tricks

Engagement Enhancers

Drive deeper engagement and connection with your members using these pro strategies

Inside the Powerup Club

ASK 4 Its

PowerUp Club members can request personalized custom tweaks and my team will create it for you and make it available for all members.


Explore How We Can Work Together

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