Nicholas Kusmich [Case Study]
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Nicholas Kusmich

The Challenge

Nicholas Kusmich is a Facebook Ad's guru, he offers several courses and high ticket master minds. He was using Wordpress to host his member area and found it difficult to manage and was clunky for his members to use. He also wanted to have a better way for him to cross-promote his courses to his existing members

How We Helped Nicholas Create Impact (and more course sales) 

Although this included replacing only Thinkific's default student dashboard; I knew it could still have serious impact because of we were going to turn this page into a sales funnel for Nicholas and it's a funnel that is always on and never needs Nicholas to spend any time on it. 

It's 100 times easier to sell to existing members then it is to bring in new ones; as long as they have a great experience with you the first time and they achieved some impact

Student Dashboard = Sales Funnel

Normally using the standard Thinkific dashboard, you will only see the courses that you are enrolled in. And when you have multiple courses, there is always something "to do next" aka "something else to sell your members". So right next to he courses the member owned sits the courses that are available to them for purchase. Clicking on these courses will take them into the sales funnel or waitlist for that course. We even track exactly who is clicking on those links.

Other Services & Products

We did not just want to stop there and just offer additional courses for his members to buy. Nicholas also has a high ticket mastermind, books and events. Just converting a few of these sales from his existing customer base would have a huge impact.


This type of project is really exciting because on my end it is pretty much a simple change to make by replacing just the Student dashboard - but from my clients perspective, it is huge because they did not know this was possible and it also helps them sell more courses without any effort. 

If you are focused on creating impact to your members, make them feel connected to you and stand out, you will always be able to provide more to them - they will want & demand it from you - that is what we call creating a "Forever Fan Funnel"