Melody Ross [Case Study]
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Melody Ross - Soul School

The Challenge

Melody Ross has a massive following and over the years she has created many courses around art and wellness. She was going to launch a new membership program and was looking for a better platform and experience where she could put all of this without it overwhelming her members.

Her brand and style are important to her - it not only creates a deeper connection between herself and her fans, but she also did not want this looking like an ordinary site

“I have never been more pleased. Over the last decade, I've tried a bunch of different classroom platforms and with your help, this one ends up being the VERY BEST I've ever seen. You are so awesome! ”Melody Ross

How We Helped Melody Create Impact

Since Melody was selling both individual courses and a membership, we knew that it was important to have a different experience for each type of person who was buying different products. If someone just bought a single course, we wanted to give them quick access to it but also wanted to see that there was more for them to buy. For her membership, it is always about retention and making sure the experience was not overwhelming - especially since she had a ton of content and was planning on continually adding some more

Different User Experiences

If someone just bought a courses, they would see a list of courses they owned but also a list of courses they could purchase. This allows a easy way for her to cross sell her products without even trying

If someone buys her membership program, they see a completely different dashboard. The membership dashboard provides quick access into her different content areas and also encourages her members to complete courses they have started.

Learning Tracks

One great way to retain your members in a membership is to give them a specific path to follow. This gives them a smaller amount of content to focus on and also creates a "reason to return" to your site.

Course Segmentation

Melody had over 60 courses that we needed to segment in two ways. One was for her "Art School" - this was a member perk that was only available for members. The other was sub categories and tags for her "Courses". These were sold individually but also were part of her membership program. It's important to segment your content when you have a lot, because it helps with retention, remind your members where things are, and also gives you an insight into what your members are really interested in

Smart Checkout

Since Melody was selling individual courses and a membership,  there was a lot of opportunity for upselling. We enhanced Thinkific's basic checkout so that we could upsell her membership whenever a single course was being purchased. We also added some custom mixpanel events so that she knows exactly who was clicking on the upsell.

Branded Course Player

We tweaked the standard Thinkific course player with more of Melody's style and branding - again just for deeper impact and differentiation and to make them remember they are connected with Melody.