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Get Ready For Our Call

I am excited to talk to you. Here are some important things to consider before we meet.

Please review the following checklist and submit the details in the form below when you are ready to book some time with me. After submitting you will be redirected to my calendar.

What are you selling?

Single course, multiple courses, membership. If you do not know, then please do not book an appointment. The experiences I create are centered around what you are offering to your tribe. This call is not intended to help you figure out your business plan.

What is your sales funnel?

You may still be deciding on this or trying different techniques. That is ok, but ideally you will have a clear idea on how you plan on selling your course or membership so that I know if I need to create sales pages for you.

What state is your content in?

A large part of what I create is centered around your content. If you still have no clue what you are creating, then please do not book a call. Your content does not need to be completely ready, but you should have a clear plan on what you are doing. This is especially important if you are planning in a membership.

Do you have a clue what Thinkific does?

I hope you have at least created a free account and have played around with Thinkific. Or maybe even visited their site. This call is not intended for me to educate you on everything Thinkific does. It's ok to have some questions - but please have some basic understanding ahead of time,

Do you need it done yesterday?

Typically we are booked at least 30 days out. If you need something done right away, then you may want to consider joining the PowerUp Club. When we create a Signature Experience, we spend enough time understanding your business so we can create the biggest impact for you.

Are you ready to invest?

We do more than just "pretty sites" - we want serious impact for you. Typical projects are usually in the $5-10K range. If this is no where near your budget, then you should consider the PowerUp Club. You will find custom themes, new pages and even a chance to ask for your own personal tweaks at a very affordable rate.


Explore How We Can Work Together

Watch the short video below and follow the prompts to see how we can work together