Hootsuite [Case Study]
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Hootsuite Education

The Challenge

Hootsuite is one of the top companies that provide SASS tools to help other companies easily manage their social media marketing. They have been a long time Thinkific customer  and have helped over 250,000+ members. They know that providing education about not only their platform, but around topics that are easily relate-able is a way to ensure their customers are successful and this in turn drives loyalty to their brand. It also helps them increase retention, reduce churn, and grow their brand advocacy.

“The Hootsuite Education team and I engaged Rob and his team overhaul the website and learning experience for our Academy platform. the results of the project exceeded our expectations and Themeific continues to be a huge asset to our business. Rob brings a rare combination of technical capabilities, problem-solving creativity, and business savvy to our projects—a consummate professional. 

David Godsall Director, Customer Marketing Hootsuite

How We Helped Hootsuite

Previously Hootsuite had internal teams develop their Thinkific site, but this time they wanted us to help them overhaul their complete site. This involved a major rebranding to bring their site current with the main website. Besides just a re-brand, we also wanted to help drive their SEO optimization and also find ways to further drive customer loyalty and engagement

Seamless Experience

Hootsuite uses SSO from their main website, so not only do we want them having an easy time to register, enroll and access - but we also want them to have a seamless branded experience so they feel like they never left the main website.

Increasing Average Size Sale

When you are selling multiple courses there is always a natural or logical "bundling" of courses that are complimentary. Since Hootsuite uses Thinkific's checkout pages, we customized it so that they could offer product "bumps" on certain courses. This way two or more courses would be purchased instead of the normal single course purchase

Engagement Analytics

We used Thinkific's built in Mixpanel integration to track customer engagement, course progress/completion rates, cart abandonment and basically everything we can to measure who was engaged with the different content types. This helps not only see how well certain courses are performing, but gives Hootsuite a good idea on what to focus on for improved results

SEO Optimization

SEO is very important - especially to large enterprises like Hootsuite - The course pages were specifically designed to be SEO optimized for the search engines, but at the same time not be visually overwhelming to site users.

Easy Site Management

By creating templates for all of the pages and through using Thinkific's Site Builder, it is a breeze for non technical admins to add content to the site. No need to see a line of code what so ever.


Since all my team does is work in Thinkific projects every single day, we have the unique position of having exposure to a ton of useful information across all of our clients - from strategies, to content and everything in between. We know what is working and what is not working.

Hootsuite (like many other successful businesses) are very much interested in continual improvements and driving brand loyalty - we continue to work with them regularly sharing new ideas and brainstorming on how we can make the biggest impact without having to create huge amounts of effort. We love working with these guys!!!