FreelanceU [Case Study]
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The Challenge

Craig and Kelly Cannings help freelancers start and grow their freelance business or side-hustle. There biggest problem was they had lots of courses inside of their Thinkific account and when their members logged in, there was no sense of order or direction. Their members were having a hard time finding what they were looking for and it was causing retention problems and overall member satisfaction

“ Rob and his team totally transformed our learning platform into a visually engaging, and easy to use experience for our students. I was impressed by his creativity and responsiveness. I will definitely continue to work with Rob on further projects! ”Craig Cannings - Freelance U

How We Helped Create Impact

Although all we did was replace their member dashboard - it had huge impact by only displaying content that the member wanted to see right on the main dashboard page instead of having to scroll through pages and pages of course cards trying to find what they were looking for

Learning Tracks

When you have lots of courses, you have to put them into categories and learning tracks otherwise it feels like you are walking into the grocery store that does not have any aisles. This is very frustrating especially if you are trying to string together the perfect meal

Encouraging Course Completion

One of the biggest problems for online course creators is people do not finish the course. And if they do not finish, there is a good chance that they will not see results they you were promising. If this happens, there is little chance that they will ever buy another course from you and for memberships sites, this means higher churn rates. So what we provided a quick way for them to resume where they left off and continue course they started.

Notification Bell

For some reason a bell with a bouncing number next to it, is irresistible and gets near 100% open rate. And when you have that high of an open rate you need to use it every way you can to drive engagement and connection with your members. You can point of new content, remind people where things are, spot light member success stories, promote additional services and pretty much anything else you want.