Fiverr Learn [Case Study]
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Fiverr Learn

The Challenge

Fiverr is a well known platform for hiring affordable freelancers that can help you with getting a logo, videos or practically anything. They came to me because they were looking to launch "Learn from Fiverr". This was going to be a place where their freelancers (they call them "sellers") could go to buy courses that will earn them a badge on their main platform. This badge would help their sellers stand out from the rest of the Fiverr community. 

How We Helped Them

Our goal was to make this a seamless experience as possible since this was going to be entirely on Thinkific. They not only had strict branding guidelines, but also needed help with getting their users to sign on seamlessly using SSO. 

Certificates and Badges

One of the key things we needed to do was to trigger a badge to be created (on their main platform) when the course was completed. We setup the courses so that the lesson would need to be completed in order with a quiz at the end of each chapter. At the end they would take a larger quiz that they had to pass in order to get the badge. Thinkific's webhooks were then used to trigger the badge creation back on the backend.

I firmly believe that there is always "something next" for someone to do when they complete a course - it should never end (at least if you are thinking in the "Forever Fan Funnel" way). 

Encouraging More Course Consumption

When a user completes a course they are congratulated and then shown a short list of recommended courses based on what they just completed and do not own. We also do this right on the student dashboard page as well

Instructor Pages

Fiverr's model of course creation was to partner with experts in various areas and help them produce a high end course. These instructors were recognizable in their own niche and had their own following. 

Having a "face" to go along with a course is always a good thing - it deepens the connection to the content and creates a reason to return and want more

Segmenting Into Categories

When you have a lot of courses, it is always a good idea to segment them into categories so that it helps your members decide what is important to them. It also helps the site owner know which categories are more popular so that they know where to spend their time on creating new content

Easy Site Management

By creating templates for all of the pages and through using Thinkific's Site Builder, it is a breeze for non technical admins to add content to the site. No need to see a line of code what so ever.

Smart Bundles

One way to easily increase sales is to increase the size of a sale. Instead of selling just an individual course, provide an incentive to purchase multiple course into a bundle. For example, if someone is interested in Photoshop Basics course, they will most likely need Photoshop Advanced and maybe even Adobe Illustrator courses as well. Setting up these bundles are easy with Thinkific, and we made it even easier because the bundle pages are created automatically from the courses that are included with them


Working with big brands and enterprise customers are always something I enjoy. Usually "corporations" are slow to move or may not have the resources to do what they would like - so they are pleasantly surprised how quickly we can turn around something for them as well as how affordable these projects are. We still work with Fiverr's Learn team on continual improvements - which in my opinion is a must in this day and age - so be sure to keep checking back.