Brit Co [Case Study]
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Brit.Co Learn

The Challenge

Brit + Co is a media company that inspires, educates and entertains real women with a creative spirit. They had several courses across many categories and wanted to have a seamless experience from their main website that was being hosted on another platform. They also had strict brand guidelines that we needed to follow - the entire experience needed to feel like it was a "" property, not a generic cookie cutter version of it.

How We Helped Brit.Co

Although all of the sales pages were being hosted on their main platform, we needed to complete the experience as soon as the user decided to make a purchase. We had to make the checkout pages, dashboard and even the course player feel like it belonged to

Checkout Experience With Product Bumps

The first step was to blend the way the checkout page looked so it matched their style. Then we also needed to try and increase the average sale by offering a "product bump" at checkout. This is not part of the standard Thinkific checkout experience, but since Brit.Co already offered bundle packeges, we knew we needed to make it happen for them.

Seamless Navigation

When the user enters the Thinkific part of the experience, they would never even know - The navigation looks just like it does on their main website and they can easily jump back and forth between the two without even noticing.

Branded Course Player

Normally the Thinkific course player has some basic branding, but we knew this was not going to be enough to satisfy BritCo. So we tweaked it to add some additional flare to the course navigation to make it more seamless.